Dr Anju Agarwal

Dr Anju Agarwal Head, Drug safety- Advanz Pharma

“My self Dr Anju Agarwal, working as Head of medical in one of the UK based organisation. Working in an Indian culture or in British culture posed me some challenges. Illa was wonderful companion with whom I walked through the thick times. She helped me understand my own limit and challenge myself to reach another level. Same had been done by talking and understanding my own inner thoughts. Small suggestions and tips from her in implementing what I want was a real help. She is a wonderful coach.”

Sudeep Kumar Das

Sudeep Kumar Das AI Influencer, Leading Skilling Initiatives & Managing the AI Startups ecosystem under CoE WFH Enabled

“I was blessed to have Illa as my coach for last 6 months. She guided me to many practices which usually we miss thinking it’s unimportant. It helped me plan better and make better use of my time. I would recommend her to Leaders who need guidance and direction. She has the patience and perseverance to listen to you all out and help you chose your best path. All the very best Illa on your coaching journey”

Sanjay Garyali

Sanjay Garyali Business Head – Housing Finance & Emerging Markets Mortgages Kotak Mahindra Bank

“While I was clear I needed a coach to help me navigate my career, I wasn’t clear if I would get the right person. Working with Illa has given me a completely different perspective into Career building - handling of challenges, preparing to manage larger responsibilities, networking with the right people both internal and external, managing conflicts in a superior manner. Her soft but focused approach in working on tough questions I faced in my career is amazing. I feel the right coach is not one with more experience or laurels or even domain experts but ability to adapt to diverse clients and build a strong chemistry through trust and follow up. I would strongly recommend Illa as an executive coach to anyone in middle or senior management roles in organisations, irrespective of your industry”

Dr Gautam Das, Ph.D

Dr Gautam Das, Ph.D Co-founder & Chief scientist Mybiome Therapeutics #GenomicsForAll

“As part of corporate coaching, Illa has coached me on several aspects of leadership qualities that can be easily applied to day-to-day activities, both at work and life in general. Her approach to coaching was very individual-oriented, wherein she used several tools to identify individual qualities, improvement areas, strengths and weaknesses. The best part of the coaching was that all the tools had a lot of research-orientation within. She provided me with a clear understanding of my work and life goals. In addition, she gave me an opportunity to look at my long-term vision, both to fulfil my aspirations and passion at work and to succeed the best in life. Her weekly assignments and online tests were extremely helpful to my overall development. She is an extremely good listener and is of very positive attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple sessions, wherein I achieved new dimensions in thinking. I made constant progress on my goals with every session. It was a research-driven exercise providing practical solutions to daily-life issues. She appeared genuinely involved in my development, which to me personally, was a big addition to this coaching. At the end of the program, she left me constantly thinking about my life goals and many long-term goals that I would not have thought so thoroughly otherwise. This program was very timely for my career development. I recommend Illa to any organisation to coach their employees to make them better leaders I would also recommend her to anyone who is interested in career improvement through scientific tools and analysis”

Vidhya Rangaswamy

Vidhya Rangaswamy Vice President, R & D

“Illa is an awesome personal coach who applies the brain based coaching approach to bring out the inner you to the forefront. She has been conducting sessions for the senior management team, helping them understand their strengths and enabling them to use these strengths to overcome obstacles. She is very amiable and lets the coachee steer the path for creating and achieving goals. I can indisputably recommend Illa for any organization sincerely believing in employee engagement and involved in providing support to their senior management”

Aseem Bhardwaj

Aseem Bhardwaj EVP & CEO- Corporate Finance Manappuram Finance Ltd

"I had the opportunity to get coached by Illa who happens to be a certified coach. I found the coaching experience quite beneficial as it helped me to echo issues relating to my personal and professional life to Illa and she did a remarkable job in helping me address these issues and introspect. It was quite a soul searching experience with Illa helping me understand the issues and working on my strengths to a great deal to address the issues. As a coach she comes across as a person who has the requisite experience and exposure to handle deep seated and complex issues relating to people and possess the innate ability to help people find the right balance in their life. I personally see her taking great strides in the field of coaching going forward."

Dr Virendra Gupta

Dr Virendra Gupta Head-R & D Polymer & Senior V.P Reliance Research & Development Centre

"Professional Coach is current days need for Senior Leaders in Research & Technology Profession also for Excellence in changing dynamics and competitive environment. Illa, with sound science & management experience in different Organization, is an expert and innovative as coach to guide and give deeper insights of the current challenges of the profession and personal interests. This helps to put strategy for unique professional and individual solution opportunity essential for excellence all around. I am very much pleased with her knowledge, style and approach of coaching and results orientation during my several months interactions of learning. This provide step change transformation as a result of coaching to professional and made them better stand apart from others. I wish Illa more successes in her coaching profession including Research & Technology professional also in addition to others areas as you will be a great team member to coach for EIS (Excellence, Innovation and Success)."

Raj Kumar Chaudhary

Raj Kumar Chaudhary Independent professional

"Illa is a certified professional coach. I have interacted closely with her early this year. Her understanding of my individual need especially considering my new entrepreneurship role was remarkable. She is articulate, good in probing & finds insights to get the right solutions. Being from a corporate background helps her to understand challenges of her trainee & suggest sustainable remedies. Her patience & empathy helped me look inside & bring on surface things which somehow went unattended for years. Her coaching helped me immensely & it is positively reflecting on my work now. Illa will be a great external resource for organisations who wish to coach their mid & senior level members to take up bigger roles & move up in life. I wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours."

Avani Mevada

Avani Mevada Program manager, Saturday Art Class

“I was looking forward to meeting Illa every month. My perspective shifted from problem to solution mind set. Her ability to act as a catalyst is simply amazing. She is a good combination of practical and emotional aspects. It hardly took my anytime to open up and go with her in my self-development journey! Thank you Illa!!”

Jagruti Gadhavi

Jagruti Gadhavi Assistant Manager HR Plada Infotech Services Pvt Ltd

"Illa is a very good trainer and a teacher I have ever come across. She is a wonderful person and a thorough professional at the same time. Her dedication and passion towards her work is an incomparable asset that she possesses. I attended one of her training program organized by my employer. It was a wonderful experience and the best workshop I attended. The energy put in by her and the efforts she made to make it interesting and participative for each and every participant was exceptional. She handles the audience at ease, the most important quality any trainer must possess. She has the ability to present herself with confidence, speak with conviction and think maturely before creating training material relevant to the training sessions. It was a pleasure working with her. I wish her the best in her career and thank her for being an inspirational being"

Archana Raghav

Archana Raghav Freelance Trainer

"Illa combines a unique blend of skillsets. She has deep product and domain knowledge of FMCG and wellness industry. Her understanding of consumer behaviour is unmatched which helps her provide great customer insights. Apart from her business understanding, what sets her apart are her superior management qualities her ability to work with people, both internal and external to organizations and management of customer stakeholders. She is one person whom I would really like to imitate for her "solution providing " mind-set. She is a great mentor and guide to all her colleagues"

Shweta Dubey

Shweta Dubey Pursuing MBA

"I have been very pleased with the way coaching with Illa ma'am went and I feel that I benefited greatly from being able to discuss work and career-related issues with someone who was not directly involved in my work. Explaining issues in our discussions to someone who may have known little about the way that my particular department operates was useful in itself as I was obliged to think through the root of particular issues and their potential solutions. The session was very inspiring and uplifting. Ma'am you really impressed me greatly with the way you managed the first session and the way I could see that together we could pin point some areas to work on that would be of direct value to me in my short, medium, and long term career."